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The Aberdeen Labour Committee was formed about the time when the Aberdeen Junior Liberal Association folded in 1888. The key individual was George Gerrie, former Junior Liberal Association Secretary, but there was also George Bisset (President of the Aberdeen Trades Council 1886 – 1888). This Committee of middle-class former Liberals was formalised in 1890 and was composed of not only Bisset and Gerrie, but also former Aberdeen Radical Association member Dr A.T.G. Beveridge (future Chairman of the Aberdeen Independent Labour Party (ILP)) and former Junior Liberal Association member W.C. Spence. There was also stalwart campaigner Rev. Alexander Webster, Dr (later Sir) W.L. Mackenzie, A.P. Glass (shop-keeper/hatter) and A. Birse (a retired schoolteacher).

The function of the Committee was ‘to provide for those who were willing to assist the [Trades] Council on any labour questions of importance’. The Committee worked jointly with the Trades Council for a number of years, a key issue being the move towards the creation of the Scottish Trades Councils’ Labour Party (STCLP), in May 1892. The Committee was also involved in the canvassing of former Social Democratic Federation member Henry Hyde Champion as a Labour candidate for Aberdeen South in 1892.

When the STCLP was formed the Aberdeen Labour Committee folded. After a short period the STCLP became the Independent Labour Party (Aberdeen branch) and there was remarkable continuity between the ILP executive committee and the Aberdeen Labour Committee.

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Sources: unknown but references within Aberdeen Trades Union Council papers held at University of Aberdeen Library.


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