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Following the collapse of the Scottish Workers’ Parliamentary Elections Committee (SWPEC) in 1903, in 1906, another attempt was made to bring together local trade unionists and socialists to co-ordinate candidates for elections. The Aberdeen Labour Representation Council formed in late 1906 with members from the Aberdeen Trades Council (ATC), Independent Labour Party, Social Democratic Federation (SDF) and Working Women’s Political Association. The organisation supported Tom Kennedy of the SDF in Aberdeen North in 1906 and put forward SDF nominee, Fred Bramley, a former Bradford cabinetmaker, as candidate for the 1907 Aberdeen South by-election. Council officers included John Macwaters (SDF member and President of the Aberdeen Trades Council) and John Croll (SDF member and Secretary).

The Aberdeen organisation was not affiliated to either the SWPEC or Labour Representation Committee in London and the only link it had to these bodies was via the ATC which was affiliated to the Scottish Committee. Nationally, the SWPEC had been renamed the Scottish Labour Party in 1908 and in 1909 had absorbed into the British Labour Party. In early 1909 the Aberdeen organisation became the Aberdeen Labour Party and due to the affiliation with the British Labour Party, the SDF could not continue its membership.

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References: The Aberdeen Trades Council and Politics 1900-1939 (C. W. M. Phipps, University of Aberdeen thesis, 1980).

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