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A Delegated Committee of Sympathy was established in 1846 and was essentially an embryonic Trades Council in action. The Committee came into being as a result of a strike and lock-out of the Union of House Carpenters and Joiners, as their employers had resolved not to deal with any union and only deal with the workmen individually. The masons organised support for them and rallied the city’s trade unionists to support the strikers.

The Committee had further use and was to meet as and when required but seems to have only lasted some 3 or 4 years. From 1856 though a Committee did meet annually in order to make arrangements for the mid-summer holiday and in 1868 the Aberdeen Trades Union Council was formally established.

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References: History of the Trades Council and the Trade Union Movement in Aberdeen (W. Diack, Aberdeen, 1939) and Trade Unionism in Aberdeen 1878 1900 (K. D. Buckley, Edinburgh, 1955).

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