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The Scottish Workers’ Parliamentary Elections Committee (SWPEC) was the equivalent of the London established Labour Representation Committee (LRC) (the LRC was the forerunner of the British Labour Party, taking the name in 1906). The SWPEC was established under the auspices of the Scottish Trades Union Congress and was another attempt to bring together trade unionists and socialists to co-ordinate candidates for elections. The Aberdeen group was an umbrella organisation, chaired by J.H. Elrick (President of Aberdeen Trades Council (ATC)), with members from the Trades Council, Independent Labour Party and Social Democratic Federation (SDF). The Aberdeen group suffered set backs in council elections and squabbles arose between the member groups, specifically the SDF, which withdrew in 1901. The group appears to have then dissolved in 1903, yet with the ATC continuing its affiliation to the Scottish Committee.

Nationally, the Scottish Committee continued as a separate organisation but more and more Scottish unions affiliated with the British organisation, weakening the importance of the Scottish Committee. The SWPEC was renamed the Scottish Labour Party in 1908 and in 1909 absorbed into the British Labour Party.

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References: The Aberdeen Trades Council and Politics 1900-1939 (C. W. M. Phipps, University of Aberdeen thesis, 1980).

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