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The Social and Labour Committee appears at the time of preparations for nominating a candidate for the Aberdeen North seat in the 1900 General Election. As part of the nomination process the Aberdeen Trades Council had sent representatives to a conference to discuss local parliamentary representation (also there were the local Social Democratic Federation (SDF) and the aforementioned Social and Labour Committee). The membership of this committee seemed to be mainly middle-class men who had been members of the Independent Labour Party (Aberdeen), which was now in abeyance. The conference recommended to the Trades Council, Robert Cunningham Graham for Aberdeen South and Henry Hyndman (leader of the national SDF) for Aberdeen North (as an aside the Trades Council agreed on Graham but he did not stand in the end, and did not agree with the nomination of Hyndman).

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References: Trade Unionism in Aberdeen 1878 1900 (K. D. Buckley, Edinburgh, 1955).

Sources: unknown.


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